Utah House project welcomes all types of gifts, including cash, sponsorships, and the donation of products, services, and/or supplies. To acknowledge your generosity and support, the Utah House team is happy to recognize you or your company in a variety of ways. As a partner, we offer you an assortment of advertising opportunities within the house and throughout marketing materials. This is just one way of expressing our appreciation. Check with our office for additional recognition activities, depending on levels of partnership.

All gifts to the Utah House are eligible for a charitable tax deduction on Federal income taxes.

You can make a gift to the Utah House in a number of ways:

  1. Make check payable to Utah House Utah State University and mailed to:
    Jayne Mulford
    P.O. Box 265
    Kaysville, UT 84037
  2. For partnership opportunities or contributions of products, materials, services, and/or supplies please call Michael Dietz at (435) 797-3313.

Levels of Partnership

Platinum $50,000
Gold $25,000
Silver $10,000
Bronze $5,000
Green Over five years totaling $5,000
Utah House Friends $1,000