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Utah House History

The Utah House (UH) project was developed from the grass roots out of concern for the environment.  In 1996, Utah State University Extension sponsored a workshop and nearly one hundred people attended to discuss the possibility of building a demonstration home in Utah .  The idea of creating the UH prompted enough synergy to motivate over 50 people to work on teams to make the vision of the UH become a reality.  Volunteer teams were organized around marketing, education, fund raising, infrastructure, house design, and landscape design.  Out of the volunteers, the executive team was formed.  They worked for a year on creating the name, vision, and principles of the UH. 

Utah State University (USU) administrators saw the value of the UH project and offered a building site at the new Utah Botanical Center (UBC) in Kaysville, Utah.  In May of 1998, an Architectural firm was selected to design the UH.  A few months later, a design charette was organized to bring together the executive team, committee members, architects, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, landscape architect, funding partners, and national contacts.   The goal of the charette was to develop the concepts that would drive the development of the UH project.   After months of raising money, Utah State University gave the go-ahead for the official groundbreaking.  The date was March 2001 and more than 130 people attended the ceremony, including the media.   In June 2001, Big-D Construction began building the house.  After one-year and eight months,  February 2003, the UH was finished and dedicated.  More than 100 people attended the ceremony.  Shortly after that date the UH was opened to the public.  Since its opening, more than 10,000 people have visited the house.